Frank Sinatra’s Former Casino Shuts Down

It was with some sadness that Online Roulette NZ learned that Frank Sinatra’s former casino had spun its wheel for the last time last month.

It’s sad to think the great place that played host to the rat pack and friends had to be closed down. The name of the place was the Cal Neva Lodge and it was situated on the North Shore of lake Tahoe. Location was probably the main reason the old place could not attract punters any more – since the rise of the Las Vegas Strip, it has got harder and harder to get people to go that far out of their way.

However, the place should not be forgotten, it was the resort that Marilyn Monroe visited the weekend before her death. Sadly the days when Frank ushered celebrity friends through underground tunnels and flew them in by helicopter had long gone.

We’ll probably never see another place like this spinning a roulette wheel ever again.

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